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There are not any schools in the U.S. that concentrate on traditional wheel engraving. There are specialty glass schools such as Pilchuck in Seattle or Urban Glass in New York that will have classes in cold working glass using some of the wheel engraving equipment. Other art schools around the country may also have wheel engraving classes in conjunction with their hot glass departments.

Wheel Engraving Supplies:

CR Laurence, a supplier to the car and architectural glass market, also sells a wheel engraving lathe, bevelling wheels and some supplies. They have regional distributors.

Denver Glass Machinery carries a wheel engraving lathe for use with stone and copper wheels and some supplies.

Kurt Merker Kelheim has been the supplier of most copper wheel lathes existing in the US. They also carry quality stone and diamond engraving lathes, bevelling wheels and a full line of supplies for the above.

Wheel Engraving Books.

Following are a couple of books on wheel engraving. They may be out of print.

Glass Cutting in Germany
c.1989, by Gernot H. Merker Otto Wirth, 8450 Amberg ISBN 3-925690-11-5

The Techniques of Glass Engraving by Jonathan Matcham and Peter Dreiser
1982 by B.T. Batsford Ltd. ISBN 0 7134 2536

There is a Guild of Glass Engravers in England. Started as mostly wheel, stipple and drill engravers but has expanded to include many forms of engraved glass. They are located at: www.gge.org.uk/
They have books on engraving for sale to members.

Brilliant Cut Window, Los Altos,CA